Re: How does Entourage import & use iCal calendars?

Gary does need to be much more precise about what he's doing.

I don't think this relates to my scripts.

iCal can export a calendar to a multi-event .ics file (Select the calendar
in iCal, File/Export.)

Earlier versions of Entourage could not import multi-event .ics files, only
single-event .ics. (And just to confuse matters, pre-Tiger iCal could not
export single events to .ics, only whole multi-event calendars. So you were
stuck without my scripts. Tiger iCal 2.0 can now export single events to
..ics by dragging them out of iCal, just like you do in Entourage. But Gary
is in Panther, so doesn't have this option.)

Entourage 2004 11.2.3 (maybe 11.2 as well, I forget) can now import
multi-event .ics calendar files exported from iCal. You simply drag the .ics
onto the Entourage icon in the dock, and all the events will be created in
(imported into) Entourage. (Just maybe you have to set its "Opens With" to
Entourage in a Get Info first, although I don't think that's necessary.) But
there will be no category for the events. (iCal doesn't export "categories"
since it doesn't have categories. The information is not in the .ics file.
Entourage doesn't know or care about the file name.) Maybe that's what's
bothering Gary?

The way that iCal stores its own internal calendar data is completely
different from these exported .ics files. The internal stored calendar data
is in a completely different format and cannot be imported into Entourage.
Furthermore, it's completely and utterly different in Panther than in Tiger.
(There is a way, which I currently forget, to delete calendars from Panther
iCal. It's somewhat complicated: you have to remove quite a few files. One
of them is the calendar's file in ~/Library/Calendars, but there are other
files too, I think in ~/Library/Preferences/. But in Tiger it's impossible:
the data is really stored and recreated from SyncServices. I've tried 100
ways and can't get it to disappear.)

The only way I know to get an iCal calendar into Entourage _and assign a
category representing the calendar to all its events_ is to use my Sync
Entourage-iCal script. It also has an option to sync only one
Calendar/Category rather than all, or to exclude just one.

If Gary is trying to do something different, he'll have to be more explicit
and precise.

Paul Berkowitz
MVP MacOffice
Entourage FAQ Page: <>
AppleScripts for Entourage: <>

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From: Michel Bintener <m.bintener@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 08:17:32 +0100
Conversation: How does Entourage import & use iCal calendars?
Subject: Re: How does Entourage import & use iCal calendars?

I've just read the entire conversation, and I think there's a slight
misunderstanding; Diane, Gary is in Mac OS X 10.3.9, so he's not using
Tiger's Sync Services. Gary, are you using Paul Berkowitz's scripts to
synchronise your calendars? If yes, stating so explicitly in one of your
posts would have made it more obvious, as there's just been an Office update
that allows Entourage users running Tiger to automatically synchronise their
Entourage calendar with iCal without the use of third-party scripts.
Nevertheless, Entourage stores its calendar data inside its database,
located in ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2004 Identities/<your
identity>. The calendar items you can see in your Library folder belong to
iCal, and I presume that they've got an Entourage icon because they've been
assigned to Entourage at some point. I've never used this specific sync
script, so I can't tell you how it works exactly; my guess is that since it
is supposed to *synchronise* your calendars, it accesses ALL these calendars
in your Library folder.

On 19.04.06 1:36, in article C06AD413.47CB%gary@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
"Gary Brower" <gary@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I'll see if I can be more specific:


"Admin", for whatever reason, is the name that the computer has assigned to
ME, i.e., my 'user' folder.

Maybe another way to get at it would be to ask "where are your calendars



On 4/18/06 5:28 PM, in article C06AD24C.1B2B2%dross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
"Diane Ross" <dross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 4/17/06 5:35 PM, in article C0698254.4742%gary@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
"Gary Brower" <gary@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks for replying. So, which of the following (all showing up in
"home/library/calendars") is the one that Entourage is accessing:

I don't have this folder in my ~/Library/ folder. Could you double check the
location of these files?

Michel Bintener
Microsoft MVP
Office:Mac (Word & Entourage)


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