Blck-xxxxx files in Entourage Temp Folder ?

Entourage 2004 is creating multiple files named Blck-xxxxxxx (where
xxxxxxxx is numeric), in my MUD Entourage Temp folder - apparently
while synchronising. Nearly all of these files are 512KB in size. After
a compaction of the database, and first subsequent use of Entourage
2004, approx 1700 of these files were created. This process is
crucifying my speed, and rapidly consuming my disk space. Does anyone
know under what conditions these files are triggerred and why? See also
the topic "Why is Entourage 2004 SO slow" in this group for further

Any help / guidance appreciated


Robin Curtis

PowerBook G3 Lombard, 40GB disk 320 MB Memory, Mac OSX 10.3.9 with all
latest updates of OSX and of Office.