Re: unknown error (16008) occurred

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> Thanks for the tip, however, the symptoms don't match. This office
> install is standard, as is the MUD folder's locaiton. Additionally,
> when the error shows up, Entourage alone is affected, and the GUI is
> severely impacted.
> I haven't solved it, but it has subsided.

OK, you gave more details this time about the GUI being impacted. It¹s hard
to solve the case without all the details. How about giving as much info as
you can that might affect the problem including details about computer, RAM

It also helps to quote previous parts of the message. You¹ll find that
someone coming in late to a thread will often chime in with some help, but
if they have to search back for previous comments will just skip to the next
message. In your line of work, having all the details should be a standard.

Diane Ross, Mac MVP
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> I have someone who is receiving this error.
> Looks like Entourage downloads mail, then the inbox looks empty. It
> just isn't rendering email messages.

Check out the info and workaround on the Error Page



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