I've got an early edition of a homepage for a new website that is
experiencing problems in Mac IE. It works fine it PC IE. The URL is
http://www.ctpf.org/Test/homepage.htm. It uses z-index and visibility
styles along with javascript to create text that changes in place. The
text pieces are wrapped in <DIV> tags and given absolute positioning
from CSS declarations in the header. When the page loads in Mac IE, the
final positioning of the text is off from where it would be if 0,0 is
at the upper left corner of the browser area. It seems that the loading
of the images changes the 0,0 starting point. When the images are
already cashed and the page is reloaded, the text sometimes appears in
the right place. Is this a bug in Mac IE? Again, this works fine in PC
IE. Either way, is there a work around, or some correctable problem
with my syntax?