folder view at an FTP site

From: dufois (
Date: 02/20/05

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    Date: 20 Feb 2005 12:30:31 -0800

    I tried recently to place a file at a printer's ftp site. I was able to
    log in successfully; however, the folder into which I was supposed to
    drag my file was displayed in a list of folder names. The instructions
    on the ftp page said to go to Tools in the Explorer menu bar and
    Avanced to change the view to Folders, to enable me to drag and drop my
    file into it; however, there was no such option available. I eventually
    did the same thing on my husband's PC, which displayed folders at the
    ftp site. What did I miss? I use Explorer 5.1 with OS 9.2.2. Thanks for
    any help anyone can provide.

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