Re: seeting e-mail client

From: Mickey Stevens (
Date: 08/26/04

Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 18:54:02 -0500

OS X 10.3:
Quit all applications, and then launch Mail (/Applications/Mail). Go to
Mail > Preferences, and set Microsoft Entourage as your default e-mail

OS X 10.0-10.2.x:
Quit all applications, and then launch System Preferences (Apple > System
Preferences). Open Internet Preferences, and then click the "Mail" tab.
Change the default e-mail reader to Microsoft Entourage, and quit System

On 8/26/04 2:17 PM, in article, "Mark Pavlick"
<> wrote:

> Group members:
> What's the correct way to make IE 5.2 use Entourage as the
> preferred e-mail program?
> I've tried adding it in several ways without luck. Thanks for any
> advice.
> - Mark Pavlick

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