Re: Do not use Active Directory

Hi NS,

To turn on logging for IAS, use "netsh ras set tr * en" at the command
prompt. The logfiles are usually in
You should also look at the event log. IAS logs an event for every
request: and gives the reason if the access-request was rejected.
If you still have problems, copy your IAS event and iassam.log in your
mail and I can take a look.

Thanks, Manju
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> Hi Manju and great thinks for your help.
> My server is joined to domain but i need to use a local machine SAM
> database.
> Well. I created a new user in the server and configured my cisco router to
> call the radius server for authentification.
> When i telnet the router, it's ask me a username and password. I tried the
> username and password created in the radius server but the access to
> router
> is denied.
> The configuration side the router in simple, i think that the
> configuration
> of my radius server is not terminated.
> The radius log file is not created, i can confirme that logging is enabled
> on the router.
> Can you tell me, please, what's i need to do ?
> Any help please ?
> Thank You very much
> NS