Re: Impersonation, ASP.NET and IS via OLEDB

I'm 99% sure this is fixed in Windows Server 2003 SP1. Please install it
and give it a try.

"matthewt" <matthewt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I've been battling the problem of performing an Index Server search via
> OLEDB from ASP.NET whilst impersonating the end-user (windows auth) for
> a while.
> I've had it working on Win2K for the last 8 months, using programatic
> than declarative impersonation, but could never get it going on WinXP Pro.
> MSFT (Wen-Jun Zhang) confirmed back in August 04 that this had been listed
> a bug *and* that Windows Server 2003 wasn't affected.
> I've just migrated our application to Win2K3 and found that I'm getting
> exactly the same error as XP Pro produces.
> To re-cap, I get an "Access Denied" message from the OLEDB provider
> I perform a search whilst impersonating the end-user and having previously
> run a SET command to alias a custom property (from an HTML meta-tag).
> I have a simple web form that reproduces the error for me if that's of to
> anyone.
> I've run regmon and filemon and can't see anything obvious + I've truned
> quite a bit of security auditing and don't see any failure audits.
> One small bit of progress was that when I configured the app pool to run
> LocalSystem, the error went away. Unfortunately, running our application
> LocalSystem is not acceptable.
> I'd appreciate info from anyone at MSFT regarding whether or not the bug
> been fixed, and if so whether a patch is available.
> I'd welcome any help/advice from anyone else on working this out....
> cheers,
> Matt Thurlow


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