Re: ActiveX component can't create object

Looks like 'MSSTDFMT.StdDataFormat' is installed by Visual Studio 6.

CDONTS will also, as you have already noticed, have to be replaced with CDO.


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One in particular I'm getting an error is:

ActiveX component can't create object: 'MSSTDFMT.StdDataFormat'

Thanks again.

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Thanks Dan, appreciate it. That's what I'm kind of pondering also if it's missing and/or needs a .dll to be registered. Would you know what .dll (probably related to VBScripting perhaps?) and the location I can look for arounds? Just to name a couple are CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") and CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail").

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Hello, our .asp apps work currently on a win2k server (iis 5) but getting the above error and other .asp pages not working on a win2k3 server (iis 6) internet explorer 8 with suppossedly the same server configurations since this the goal here is an OS upgrade migration in using same ip after switching machines? Thanks in advance.

And what ActiveX component is it that you're getting the error with? It's very likely that the DLL doesn't exist on the new server, or the permissions don't allow it to be run (the default security settings in IIS6 are a lot more restrictive than in IIS5).