Re: ban IP with ISS manager

From: Dude arizona (
Date: 06/13/04

Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 03:31:01 -0700


Thanks for the reply. I have a router and it has a built in firewall. Do you have any suggestion for the firewall application i should use on my server?

Dude arizona

"Kristofer Gafvert" wrote:

> Hello,
> In addition to what Ken has said, you maybe should consider to block access
> for the IP(s) in your firewall instead. If he is hacker, he will probably
> not only limit his attacks to the webserver.
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> "Dude arizona" <Dude> wrote in message
> > Hi,
> > I am running windows server 2003 the enterprise edition. i want to ban an
> ip address from accessing my website. but i cant. the person is a hacker.
> and ISS manager doesnt allow me to ban the C and D class. he has dynamic ip
> so it always keep changing the last two classes which are C and D.
> > Im wondering how can i ban the C and D class? or is there a way i can ban
> his internet domain?
> > Thanks.
> >