Re: "Parameter is Incorrect"

IIS FTP can't accept one of the setting you specify, hence you got parameter
incorrect error.
Did you specify 'domainname\username' when configuring the AD authentication
in the FTP size creation wizard?

Try read the value from the metabase key

C:\Inetpub\AdminScripts>adsutil.vbs get msftpsvc/XX/ADConnectionsUserName

Xx is your ftp site id.

Bernard Cheah

"Charlie" <Charlie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Ive tried this several times, with no luck. Please advise if I am not
somehting correctly.

-Using Add/Remove Windows Components, Add FTP Server Service
-Remove default FTP Site
-Add new FTP Site with AD-based User Isolation
-Provide the Administrator credentials for connecting to AD to retrieve AD
-Add the AD attributes to my account as follows:
Iisftp.vbs /SetADProp charlie FTPRoot e:\UserShares\FTPHome
Iisftp.vbs /SetADProp charlie FTPDir charlie

When I try to start the FTP server, the response is "Parameter is
Incorrect". When I open the metabase with Metabase Explorer, I see a Win32
Error code of 87.

Ideas? I've followed the documentation on configuration verbatim. This is
brand new Win2k3 SR2 server.