Re: ISA Server doesn't support VLANs?

From: Dmitry Mashkov (
Date: 03/25/04

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 09:49:11 +0400

N#1 and N#2 cannot maintain its IPs because TCP/IP binding is disabled by
ProSET (and HP Teaming Software).

VLAN setup do NOT exist outside ISA.
You are mixing port-based VLANs and tagged VLANs. They ARE different.

We do not use ISA as a router.

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>> When creating VLANs:
>> All binding from N#1, N#2 are removed, Intel Advanced Networking
>> Services Protocol is bound to both adapters. Also, one network adapter is
>> being created for each VLAN, having Client for MS Networks, File &
>> printer
>> sharing, TCP/IP bound to it. Then I configure TCP/IP on each VLAN.
> The ISA IP configuration should not be changed whether the VLAN is active
> or
> not. The N#1 should maintain its same IP# with or without VLANs, and the
> N#2
> should do the same. ISA typically "flips out" if the IP#s are changed on
> the running system, and doing it via the VLAN is creating the same effect
> as
> physically walking up to the machine changing the IP# setup around. This
> could explain the "two Default Gateways" on the same NIC that Tristen
> discovered.
> Your ISA setup and VLAN setup should be mutually exclusive. Your VLAN
> setup
> should exist outside of ISA and not directly effect the configuration of
> the
> ISA. Also do *not* use the ISA as a Router (LAN, VLAN, or otherwise). Use
> a
> dedicated router for LAN (VLAN) routing.
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> Phillip Windell [MCP, MVP, CCNA]