RE: ISA/Client fail over


Thank you for posting.

This is Lee and I am glad to meet you in the newsgroup.
Regarding this issue, first I wound like to clarify some concepts in more
detail for you

1. The default gateway is assigned by the DHCP server and it is not
ISA/Firewall client related at all.
The default gateway is one of the IP configurations. The client computer
will get the IP configuration from the DHCP server inlcuding the default.
There is no way fo us to change the default gateway on the ISA server's
side. This is not a configuration controlled by the ISA server.

2. Firewall client does not support automatically failover.
You will get notification in the system tray while the Firewall client
failed to connect to the ISA server.
Then you can change the ISA in the firewall client manually.

Then here are the answers to your questions:
Q1> Because of the bandwidth connecting some sites to the East and others
to the West we have a need to assign users to a specific gateway.
Again this is a DHCP setting and cannot be changed by the ISA/ISA firewall

Q2> In the event that one gateway fails/dies/whatever the clients
switch/failover to the other gateway and back when it becomes available
ISA firewall client does not control the gateway at all.
You do can change the ISA server settngs in the ISA firewall client, but it
will not fail over automatically.

Q3> we would like roaming users to be pointed to the correct gateway based
on their gegraphical location.
Again gateway is not controlled by the ISA.

Based on your description, it appears this is more a networking issue
instead of an ISA problem.
Default gateway is not controlled by the ISA and we cannot use ISA firewall
client to change the default gateway on the client computer.

Hope the above information helps. Have a nice day!


Lee Li
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