Re: ISA2004 - multiple external interfaces

Correct, but Windows2003 is a router. I'm not trying to shape or redirect
traffic just trying to let traffic coming in on one interface stay on that
interface. When looking at the listener config it allows for configuration
of multiple external IPs - does it indeed only allow 1?


"A.Klimkin" <aklimkin at mail dot ru> wrote in message
> ISA2004 is not a router. It's firewall. It's unable to support more than
> single external interface (the one with DG property configured) out of the
> box.
> Take a look at 3rd party add-ons for ISA server to handle multiple
> external links or place extra router in front of it.
> Regards,
> Andrew
> "Trevor Miller" <tmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:enDtFlMNFHA.244@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> I've got limited success in running ISA 2004sp1 with multiple external
>> interfaces, achieved mostly through RRAS config where VPN traffic
>> (defined by a particular IP destination) routes through the primary
>> external interface (isp#1) and all other traffic routes through the
>> secondary external interface (isp#2). The problem comes from inbound web
>> traffic arriving on the primary external interface and not finding it's
>> way back out. I've tried setting up 2 default gateways with different
>> metrics but no help. I was thinking of establishing a network rule in
>> ISA for "route" from external to external. Also potentially explicitely
>> defining the external networks but that would require a ruleset rewrite.
>> Any thoughts?
>> -trevor


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