Re: ISA or ?: Suggestions, please

From: Ian Moran (
Date: 03/01/05

Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 23:20:44 +0000
To: TLW <>

You don't need both that's for sure. All depends on your requirements.
ISA 2004 is superb at securely publishing Exchange resources such as
OWA, OMA & Server Activesync - you wont find a hardware firewall capable
of doing this as well, but then you may not need this functionality.
Also, being an Application Layer based firewall ISA is capable of deep
packet inspection - something a packet filter firewall appliance such as
Sonicwall does not do. Also with hardware appliances AD user/group
support in rules may not be possible.

Personally, I'd go for ISA 2004 where the internal network is largely
composed of MS servers/applications and desktops - and I've been a
Sonicwall reseller and user for many years.

Compare the Sonicwall TZ170 50 user device with ISA 2004.


TLW wrote:
> Hello,
> We need a firewall for a small business LAN, currently Windows 2003
> Servers, including Exchange Server 2003, SQL Server 2000 and file servers
> with about 30 workstations behind Proxy Server 2.0. For several years, we
> have successfully used Proxy 2.0 with a single dial-up connection for
> internet access for all users. It is quite effective and, believe it or
> not, amazingly fast considering a single dial-up connection for so many
> users. The small business is upgrading to DSL now.
> Requirements are quite simple and number of users is quite small. Web
> browsing and email in/out are needed for all users. FTP and VPN are needed
> for a few users.
> Is ISA 2004 a good choice, is a hardware firewall a better choice, or
> are both in order?
> Thanks for any suggestions and information.