How does Checkpoint VPN-1 on the Isa Server 2004 ???

We use Isa Server 2004 Standart Edition . There is a domain construction , DC server windows 2003 enterprise edition.
Matter : I opened needed ports for the programme of Checkpoint VPN-1 from Isa Server 2004.
I set up checkpoint VPN-1 programme . I entered the knowledge of VPN .
After confirmation for user name and code it connected .
But I can not reach the connection network system from remote desktop of my computer that I made vpn connection before .
I can not send a ping and I can not connect with remote desktop.
Do  I need to make sth on Isa Server or what can ı do??
All Outbound Traffic confirmed me on Isa server for tcp and udp ..What can I do any more??
For a solution  I set up Cisco vpn programme to my computer.
I have done all activities for cisco vpn .And I can reach all computer from NETWORK WiTH REMOTE desktop connection.
Also I can send ping .After connection of vpn with the check point Vpn -1 , I want to know the  reason that why ı can not send ping to computers on network and why ı can not reach remote desktop.
I think the reson is not Isa Server ..HOW CAN I SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.
The other side is  using checkpoint as firewall system of checkpoint which I connect with checkpoint Vpn-1.
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