Re: the hosts file

"Peter Larsen" <digilyd@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

will the ISA abide by THE hosts file so that I can skip putting it on the
clients and having to update it there?

Hi, Peter,

Yes, I believe so. But I think you could accomplish the same by putting the
hosts file on the AD/DNS as well. Since everything is supposed to use the
AD/DNS only (and nothing else) then that would be the logical place for it
to be. I think the AD/DNS would try to resolve in this order:

1. The hosts File
2. It's own Database with the Zones is possesses
3. The Forwarders in the Forwarders list.

You may want to experiment with it to verify it actually works that way.

But in the 10 years I've been where I work, I have never had to depend on
hosts files for anything important,...there have always been better
ways, you might want to reconsider your reasons for using hosts files.

Phillip Windell

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