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OK, So I have tried everybody's suggestions posted in this article, but to no

Any other ideas?
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"Jim Harrison (ISA SE)" wrote:

No, it isn't.
Have a read here:

Jim Harrison (ISA SE)

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"Doubled D" <DoubledD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi Phillip,

ok here is my configuration:

option 252 pointing to

wpad CNAME

Client Browsers:
Auto detect Proxy Settings

ISA server:
Web Proxy enabled. HTTP port 80
Auto discovery published on port 80.

The DHCP and ISA settings I only reconfigured a couple of minutes ago. Is
this set up in the correct fashion now?

I will monitor the logs from now on and see if there are any changes.

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"Phillip Windell" wrote:

"Doubled D" <DoubledD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
No w all I have to do is make sure that all my clients get configured as
Proxy clients and I should be on my way.
Free your mind and your @$$ will follow!!

I prefer to do it via Proxy Auto Detection via WPAD.
I let the Clients be both Web Proxy and Firewall Clients at the same time
and both types take advantage of the Auto Detection. I also do the WPAD
with both DNS and DHCP at the same time because certain Client OS's favor
one or the other.

It may not specifiy this when you read articles for setting up the WPAD
entries,...but when I do it I do DNS first,...create a CNAME entry for
"wpad" that points to the A Record of the ISA that already exists in DNS.
Then when I do the DHCP config I reference the "wpad" (CNAME). This way
the future if you ever change proxys to another machine all you have to do
is change the CNAME in DNS to point to a different A Record of another ISA
machine and the Clients transparently will switch to the new proxy,
won't have to touch the DHCP wpad config at all.

The Auto Detection will also solve some of the "odd" behavior of Internet
Explorer when accessing local internal site using FQDNs that happens when
you have manual proxy settings.

Phillip Windell

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