Re: XP & 98 Together?
Date: 02/06/04

Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 15:13:23 -0800

     Thanks for your response; I have Red Baron II which
will operate in XP with a couple of fixes but the
Sidewinder FF Pro joystick that I have, while functional,
cannot be programmed due to driver incompatibility. XP
just won't load the software disc. I have already
received help here telling me there is basically nothing
that can be done about that owing to the differences in
the nature of the operating systems. I had heard that
partitioning the hard drive will allow me to use the disc
and any other 95/98 applications that are a little
squirrely sometimes when they are "patched" rather than
being allowed to run in their native format. Thanks for
verifying that for me.
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>Hi Michael,
> Yes, you do have the option, which applications are
you worried about on
>Thanks for the post!
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>"Michael" <> wrote in
>> I recently heard it was possible to run both of these
>> operating systems on the same computer by partitioning
>> the hard drive. If true this would allow me to use my
>> older 98 based game and hardware as designed and would
>> bring hours of joy to my life. Do I realistically have
>> this option? Thanks