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Learn how To Play Spades: two-player Spades variation. A new card
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    ... Any direct bid at the 2- or 3-level above 2 of the original major is ... spades. ... 3NT can be used as choice of games with a 5-card major, for example, ... If so, you play much the same way, but can say that e.g. 1C ...
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    ... acquaintance that the younger acquaintance had never learned to play ... I'm not much of a card=player in any case, but I escaped Bridge ... My whole family loves card games, ... I like group games like Whist or Spades. ...
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    ... I like spades but cant get many games to start and they keep my money ... the rake is 25% if you get to play a game and!00% the rest of the ...
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    ... Hearts and Spades since '90, and Slick Chick ... Funny how it works......I've had a lot of ... I have 10 games ...
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