Re: bridge

Thanks for your suggestion.
I created a new account with full administrator privelages and used both
log-off and cold boot but the game will not download.

This was the reason that I would like to completely remove all traces to
games so a fresh attempt can be made with no traves of old attempts.

Guess I'll just have to keep trying but I do not wish to do a clean install
of XP as not all program disks are available to reinstall all programs

"+_ReverendJJ" wrote:

It sounds like a problem I've come across quite a few times.. When you
update an older version of windows to XP, for some reason it seems the
"imported" user isn't granted full administrator privelages..
Try this.. open Control Panel- User Accounts then under "Pick a task" click
on "Create a new account"
then create for yourself a brand new Computer Administrator account..
Once this is done click Start-Log Off-Switch User and log on to the account
you just created.. Then go back to the zone page and try to install the game

"malcDT" <malcDT@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Friend recently upgraded from 98 to XP Pro /SP2 and cannot access bridge
All security patches are installed

1 Attempted to download new install but does not download
2 Checked that activex is working
3 ensured that not blocked in restricted sites
4 user has administrator rights but is listed as transferred from windows
5 established a new user with full administrator rights but same problem
with downloading
6 only firewall is from XP /SP2 and was disabled for testing - again no
in download

I would like to completely remove any trace of bridge game and try a fresh

Also how do i reset user permissions so that rights are administrator
Can you please advise procedure /link to appropriate URL so computer is