Re: Problem running ZoneFriends

Matt wrote:
When I sign into the Zone and go to the chess lobby, ZoneFriends starts to load but then suddenly I get the error message: "This program has been damaged, possibly by a virus or a bad sector of the hard drive".

I am almost certain that this is a virus or spyware on my computer but nothing shows up when I run my anti-virus programs and I don't see any bad files in my system folders. Reinstalling the zone files doesn't help at all, or the Active-X components. I'm thinking some obscure registry key might have been damaged by some virus in the past but I don't know,

- Windows ME
- The error message only appears with Zonefriends, no other programs

Any suggestions?

You could use System Restore to go back to a date before the problem, but, if you had virus damage, there may not be any good entry points.

I think Zfriends opens Zone.exe and zfriends.dll. If you deleted all the files in the MSN Gaming Zone folder, that would include any used by Zfriends, I believe. But the ActiveX controls in the Downloaded Program Files folder could be damaged.. Here's what you might try:

Open Internet Properties, General tab, Settings button, View Objects button. If HeartbeatCtrl, or ZoneIntro Class is listed as Damaged, right-click, remove the components, then reenter the Zone for fresh copies.

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