Re: Connection to the Game Server Problem???

> Accelerators add the address to the hosts file. That bypasses the dns
> lookup of the address, which can save a second or two, but if the
> address of the site changes, you have this problem. Look for a file
> titled hosts (no extension), and edit it with Wordpad (not Notepad).
> Remove any line that mentions the Zone, and that might help.

Thanks for the additional thoughts... I have completed a scan of my entire C
drive and inspected every file that even had host in the name.

> Accelerators also cache documents to speed up the loading of previously
> visited pages. How and where that's done, I'm not sure. Usually,
> pressing F5, or Shift/F5 will force a clean load of a page, but that
> might not help for software outside of IE. You might look for help on
> the site where you downloaded the software.

Made sure to clean cache and delete all temp files... no change.

> Here's a Google groups search on the subject.
> Ah, here's a setting I forgot about.. Look at the next to last
> paragraph of this thread:

Started to work through the Google groups archives... still no luck :(