Re: CFS1 Ready Room, ZONE CONNECT not ther and stuck in splash screen

LOZZA_59er wrote:
HELP !! When i go to lobby in ridge runners, I go to enter game, game launches then it goes to the main window with the splash screen showing free flight etc,
BUT I dont get the "connect to Zone server" window in the middle of the screen up. Like I used to do. I dont have router , or firewall, Ive reloded a dozen times,
re downloaded zone files another dozen times too,I can fly in game in CFS2. BUT NOT into a game CFS1. I get ZOne friends up OK. Ive gone out of lobby and gone back in too. Ive tried everything AGHHHHHHH. can someone please help !!.
Im only on WIN 98SE, Pent 2, Internet EXP, Vers.6. I have Direct X V.9.0 too.
on 56k modem.

You might try reinstalling the game. First though, run Dxdiag and use its Dplay test.

Try the suggestions here: