Re: Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Rated Rooms

Lisandro F. Daldoss wrote:
Those are Age of Empires rated room, i mean Age of Empires II: The
Conquerors Expansion rated rooms
"+Elmo_Tech" <elmogeek@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> escribió en el mensaje

Lisandro F. Daldoss wrote:

Why the rated rooms aren't there any more?

No answers, I'm afraid. There are rated rooms.. They may occasionally disappear, but I just went there, and there were two:

AoE - Rated 1    2 players
AoE - Rated 3    0 players

Yes, but I got there via the Conquerors link and suspect the rooms have been joined. You probably announce your game when you set it up, similar to how it's done in the ZoneLAN rooms.