Re: help

grant wrote:
Zmaster wrote to me telling me that Turbine would be taking control of
billing for my subscribed game.  I left the game almost 2 years ago but I felt
it was time to go back but my zone name wont load up I've emailed  every zone
email address I can to ask if they will tranfer my zone account to a new
nickname but as yet they have not replied. Is there anything I can do to
access my old zone name? I don't know which passport it was on as the length
of time was 2 years ago

could any one help or have advice????

This NibblesNbits site has helpful suggestions for subscriptions.. You may have already tried this:

MSN® Gaming Zone™ - Technical Support

Add clvck to the subject line and correct my address from "invalid" to "com" if you want to email me.