Re: ports crash during a game?

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I'm not sure what needs to be encrypted but i have firewall turned off and IE description says encryption connection is turned off not encrypted.

i've got the latest Nvidia driver march 2005, far as i know that should cover all the graphics...not sure whether it covers the network card. i've unistalled that and let it auto find the driver........the router not sure what its firmware is, but its been bought with in the last month or two. fairly new.

buffer........humm......which buffer.....on my computer? the router? modem?


That's "Dunno".

As I remember, it was a buffer in the cable modem or router. A
firmware update, or other brand was the solution, in the couple of instances I read about.

Go to the Device Manager for the NIC, or whatever devices show, look at the Properties, and see if there's an encryption setting of 128. If so, lower it to 32. That might help, but mt NIC doesn't even have a setting like that. The DSL modem isn't adjustable.

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