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From: Concerned Gamer (
Date: 10/18/04

Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 15:01:08 -0700

The flooders are worse than ever. After being away from the zone for a few
years, I thought I would give it another shot, unfortunately due to the
flooders you are lucky to finish 1 in 5 games.

Also, many times this leads to false incompletes on your rated record. I
actually spoke to one of the flooders last night and seems they are bored
college students. I was informed the flooder program is readily available on
the net and dl's by over 40 people a day, so this is bound to get much worse.

One of the + sysops figured a way to stifle them by occupying all tables and
only vacating for valid players. I was in one room the sysop was doing this
and another +sysop came in and told her/him they were not allowed to sit at
all tables. In another room, the sysop was great and used this method and we
were actually able to enjoy a few games in a row.

I am sure this was alot of work for the sysop, but it was very much

If this problem is not resolved, I am sure players ill go elsewhere, the
zone is not the only gaming site on the net. If you need to see how
frustrating this is just go try to play some spades at the zone.

Surely something can be done?

"+Elmo_Tech" wrote:

> ruby wrote:
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> > RE the message below...I sent this toyou on 9/7/04 and NO
> > ONE has responded. Don't you have an answer?? Please
> > respond.
> > Thank you..................
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> > When playing in a zone game, namely spades, the game
> > freezes for all players and we turn red in the "Net:"
> > area". How do we prevent this? We are running WinXP
> > SP2, but it happened BEFORE SP2 was installed.
> That may be because of someone flooding the chat room.. Try this site
> for possible help:
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> +Elmo_Tech