Re: AoC game room issue

From: Dest (
Date: 10/11/04

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 16:43:01 -0700


No, I haven't had an issue with any other multi-player games on the zone. I
also Play Asheron's Call and Spades and neither of them have created this

I have tried uninstalling AoC also, but it has not fixed the problem.

As for other programs running, I've closed all other open programs other
that IE and it still happens. It will allow me to minimize the frozen game
room and table i'm exiting from and continue to use my computer, other
programs and even surf without lag, yet I can not restore or maximize the
room/table again until its finished doing whatever it is its doing.

"Just as an off guess maybe with the slow down the program never sent a "hey
im done " message to reactivate the room."
I'll agree this might be the issue, but would make me think its a zone issue
if its just the zone and not the entire computer or other programs. And it
will not let me close them unless i end them from program manager. Only
error i get is that they are unresponsive (though they go back and forth from
running/not responding as if its sending info) and asks me if i want to end
now. If i end them and go back to the same game room, I continue to have lag
in that room. Including delayed launch time, chat not showing up for 20-30
seconds and such.

I've checked all MSN gaming zone system requirements and my system more than
matches the basic requirements. So i highly doubt its on my side.


I'm not currently using a router. I have cable, running through a hub to 3
computers. I purchase 3 seperate IP addresses from my cable company so that
none of the computers cause any lag or interferance with each other. Each IP
is DHCP (if it matters).

I only play AoC on all 3 machines, each one has the same issue only with AoC
gaming rooms after exiting a game.

Not sure if its flooding me wiht info, but I don't have a router to lock up
unless its the actual cable box. If thats the case, there's no drivers to
update :(

I have checked all ports needed to play AoC, and all are open. I've also
tried with and without WinXP build in firewall with the same issue.


"Chris Hunt" wrote:

> My question to you is does this happen with other games you multi play with
> on the zone. You said you reinstalled zone , but what about the game itself.
> Maybe this games got bugs and is having trouble shutting down. programs like
> adaware slow my computer down to a crawl to where my computer thinks its
> stoped running and nothing will run fast as normal for a period of time till
> the program will shoot out like a jack rabbit and unlock the computer.If its
> the game look for patches and check other games to see if they have the same
> problem then it can be blamed on a zone problem .*mumbles*(does it always
> have to be the zones falt ?)
> also i just noticed that you mentioned the room wont function after you end
> the game. does it give you an error or just let you click into stuff. Just
> as an off guess maybe with the slow down the program never sent a "hey im
> done " message to reactivate the room. try closing out the room and
> reopening it.
> just covering the loose threads :)
> coolbiker
> "Dest" <> wrote in message
> news:19d501c4ad71$c0aba2c0$a301280a@phx.gbl...
> > While trying to play AoC expansion online, I can play 1
> > game, then after exit, the game room locks up and sticks
> > for about 5 mins and causes extreme lag.
> >
> > I've uninstalled MSN gaming zone and reinstalled.
> > Rebooted and tried just about any other option including
> > running all my adaware, spybot programs etc and checked
> > for viruses.
> >
> > Everything on my computer works fine until i exit from a
> > game at which time my computer usage shoots up to 100%
> > and sticks and the game rooms go "not responding" for
> > about 5 min then will just go back to normal except for
> > the extreme lag when trying to launch a new game or type
> > in the chat room. And its only the game room i was in.
> > I can minimize them and go to another server room or
> > still surf the net, etc. I just can't access the server
> > room i just played in, or the game room (table) i'm
> > actually in.