AoC game room issue

From: Dest (
Date: 10/08/04

Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 13:02:34 -0700

While trying to play AoC expansion online, I can play 1
game, then after exit, the game room locks up and sticks
for about 5 mins and causes extreme lag.

I've uninstalled MSN gaming zone and reinstalled.
Rebooted and tried just about any other option including
running all my adaware, spybot programs etc and checked
for viruses.

Everything on my computer works fine until i exit from a
game at which time my computer usage shoots up to 100%
and sticks and the game rooms go "not responding" for
about 5 min then will just go back to normal except for
the extreme lag when trying to launch a new game or type
in the chat room. And its only the game room i was in.
I can minimize them and go to another server room or
still surf the net, etc. I just can't access the server
room i just played in, or the game room (table) i'm
actually in.