Re: Lost .NET Passport and Zone Nickname

From: Ot (uraza_at_tds.invalid)
Date: 08/15/04

Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 09:18:12 -0500

Not really.

A given zone name is associated with just one passport.

After a period of time (exact time I don't know, maybe someone else does),
the name again becomes available.

You managed to create a new passport that is identical to the old one? I
would have guessed you now have the passport back, but you say that zone
name is unavailable. Have you tried the sequence Support, Change my
nickname? You might be able to recover the old name.

Best of luck!

"SkyKIDS_TrEE" <> wrote in message
> Hello.
> I had been playing with Zone Nickname, SkyKiDS_TrEE.
> That had been associated with
> But, I can't log in .NET Passport Site with the passport
> for a long time.
> So, The passport is deleted.
> Later, I tried to associate Nickname SkyKiDS with
> another .NET Passport, but It was failed.
> and I made .NET Passport to be same name,
> and to do same, but it was failed.
> In this case, Is it be possible that I re-associate the
> Nickname with any .NET passport?