Re: ELMO HELPPPPP ;****( its still not working

From: +Elmo_Tech (elmogeek_at_iglou.invalid)
Date: 08/14/04

Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 20:08:19 -0400

blondie wrote:
> ok i couldnt understand ur instructions so i got help and
> we tried everything u said and im back to square one
> except this time it was different once i ersed everything
> and restarted when i came back because it wouldnt let me
> erase the msn gaming zone folder completely (i guess) it
> said my installation was incomplete due to zsetup failing
> and to leave and try again so when i leave and come back
> then it lets me reinstall so i do that click the room and
> get the original pop up about the cardboard.zat not being
> there and the zsetup not getting component data. I dont
> get it wtf can i do i feel like ive tried everything.

There's more download help here:

And here is a link to my home page which has a link to the files
included in the latest Zone update. Save the zip file to your desktop,
then double-click to open in your Zip utility. Save the new files to
the appropriate folders.

The link is at the bottom of the page. Look for MSNGZZ. (The actual
filename may change to reflect the date it was created.)

Zone.zat is stored in the main Zone folder. The others in the \ZSetup

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