From: +Elmo_Tech (elmogeek_at_iglou.invalid)
Date: 08/12/04

Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 07:49:50 -0400 wrote:
> I have a problem in of msn.
> I know that the address is the zmaster, but i have bad
> experience with them. they never bother to answer.
> I play a lot in from time to time i get this
> message:
> Your computer is trying to update zone files, but is
> receiving old stored files from your ISP or network. wait
> for your ISP or network to update their files.
> I have no idea what's the meaning of this message or how
> to solve it. i make "remove" to the msn-games, and
> download it again. it does not help.

Your isp -may- need to purge the outdated Zone files from their cache.
BUT, before blaming your isp, here are some things you can try.

The problem could be a corrupted download of the zone.zat file. It
could also be that you have your browser set wrong, you have a web
accelerator program running, or your isp caches files. Here are some
possible fixes:

Clear Cache

W2k and WXP can have trouble with the paths to the Zone software. Since
the newly downloaded files are stored to the wrong folder, or otherwise
lost, they're not replacing the old file. A solution might be to
reinstall the Zone to a different location; see this article on changing
the path to the Zone.. Actually, it removes the path, and you have to
change the path when prompted:

Paste in your location bar then add
the name of the file you can't "update" to the end. Download the file,
place it in the Zone's \Temp folder, then reenter the Zone. It will be
installed. (You can save the decompressed version of the file if you

An example would be or

The underscore might be removed from the file as it's saved to disk. If
so, edit the filename to add the _.

Some browsers/news readers mistakenly show the download as text. It
looks like gibberish at the bottom of the post or browser. If this
happens, you should be able to click File, Save Attachment (or File,
Open Attachment, File Save As) and save them to the correct folder. This
depends on the browser and whether you were emailed the attachment or
you clicked a link to it. Some browsers will only let you save it as
.txt or HTML. If so, you can change the name to "zone.za_" with the
quotes (example filename) then the file will save without the extension.

- Try the direct connect file download from this URL :

- Open a DOS window, type "nbtstat -R" (no quotes) (notice the capital
R), press Enter, close ALL open windows and try again.

If these didn't work, and it seems your isp must be caching files, you

- Request they clear the Zone files from the cache one time

- Request they exclude the addresses given below from their cache:

The cached files are on the internet either at your ISP or their
backbone service. They probably have excluded * from the cache
but the files come from an MSN server which they have not excluded.

If they exclude* from the cache this
problem can be avoided as we update files weekly.

Send them the following:

If You Are an Internet Service Provider
If you are an Internet service provider (ISP) and you want to reduce the
occurrence of this behavior, perform the following tasks:
Configure the proxy server to perform more update checks.
Configure the proxy server to perform more pre-fetching.
Reduce the Time to Live (TTL) setting for objects in the proxy server's
Filter the cache, so that objects originating from the following address
are not cached:

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