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Date: 08/12/04

Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 21:21:48 -0400

"" wrote:
> Solitaire & Free Cell stopped working. How can I delete
> them and reinstall them? The cards move across the
> screen, leaving trails of images.

A few causes of Solitaire, Free Cell, and other games failing:

Pwatch. Remove it, or end the task when attempting to run Freecell.

The display is corrupted as soon as you run FreeCell

FreeCell Stops Responding When You Click Undo

- "It was a piece of software sent by my ISP (Freeserve) to upgrade my
account to AnyTime. If I press C/A/D and disable its ATdialler, FreeCell

- "Free Cell was locking up until, by reading a message on this
Newsgroup. I turned off IMGICON.EXE on the Start Menu
(Control/Alt/Delete). By instruction from Iomega, after trying updated
download for the Iomega Zip drive, I did a search for IMGICON.EXE and
deleted it. All Works fine now."

- Please visit

- General Protection Fault When Starting Microsoft Solitaire

- Press Ctrl/Alt-Delete, click Point32 to highlight, and click End
Task. You may lose mouse acceleration and scrolling selections till you
reboot. Try using this method on other tasks running too till you find
the one that is causing the problem. 4dmain.exe file (Pilot Mouse
Program) is another.

- Solitaire Caused General Protection Fault in Module ...

- Anti virus software conflicts. Firewalls.

"Have you also installed McAfee VirusScan's latest version?
Malfunctioning in Freecell and Solitaire is a known problem for them,
and they suggest a solution on their site."

- AVG does the same thing.. Disable before you start the game.

- Slow Spider Solitaire:

"If I open "Start",and then "Help" Spider Solitaire works fine. That
is I must run "Help" while I'm playing Spider Solitaire."

- Pop Up stoppers.

- Cookie Crushers.

- PGP.

- Mouse pointers.. Use default, or less-active pointers.

- DirectX or Graphics problem.. Run DXDiag to check for uncertified
drivers, etc.. Update drivers or disable some graphics features.

- You might press Ctrl/Alt-Delete and disable all programs except
Explorer and systray as a test. If Solitaire then works, use the
process of elimination to find out which software package is causing the

- IE 6.

- Iomega zipdisk program conflict with IE6. An article:

"..a post on here a couple of weeks ago that suggested that this has to
do with a Iomega Zip disk file that you have running. IMGICON.EXE This
is loaded from the StartUp folder as Zip Disk Icons. (or it was on my
PC) Hit Ctrl - Alt - Del and see if it's running."

- Cleansweep's usage monitor. Disable.

- Problems Running FreeCell And Solitaire with Office XP Installed

Freecell FAQ

Problems Running FreeCell And Solitaire with Office XP Installed

Error: "FREECELL.EXE has caused a general protection fault in CARDS.DLL"
when running FreeCell after installing CleanSweep:

Try uninstalling, then re-installing FreeCell from Add/Remove programs,
Windows Setup, Accessories, Games.

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