Re: error message for MSN messenger games (i have nowhere else to go!)

From: Godiva (
Date: 08/11/04

Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 17:58:15 -0700

You're very welcome :) Thank you too, because of your problem/questions, I
was able to learn new things and share that info with Elmo and other techs.

For MSN related problems, this link will take you to the right contact.
For issues specific to MSN Messenger, use:

You may still receive an autoresponse, however, it should be more directly
related to your actual problem. The zMaster email only sends info directly
related to games that appear on the website.

Have fun!


"~jill" <> wrote in message
> I thank you for your help G, but I had sent zmaster an e-
> mail myself, but I got a list of questions with answers
> from him that didn't concern my question/error whatsoever!
> ~Jill
> (P.S. sry elmo, i forgot to put my name/e-mail in the
> latest reply ^^*)