Re: Connecting to games in the ZOne behind a firewall

From: +Elmo_Tech (elmogeek_at_iglou.invalid)
Date: 08/08/04

Date: Sun, 08 Aug 2004 12:19:26 -0400

Shane wrote:
> Does anyone know what ports must be open to play "Axis
> and Allies" on the Zone? All the help file links I found
> are no longer active....
> Thanks in advance

The Zone ports are listed here:

"I broke down the ports listed in the those two articles to make this
list which is similar to the way router configuration pages refer to

MsnZone: These Ports for Zone are TCP: 80, 443, 9999, Port 6667 TCP is
the Trigger Port for this Port Range: 28800 to 29100 TCP

DirectX 8 and 9: All DX Ports are UDP:

Initial Outbound Port: UDP 6073 is the Trigger for In/Outbound (Port
Range): UDP 2300 to 2400 "

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