Re: error message for MSN messenger games (i have nowhere else to go!)

From: +Elmo_Tech (elmogeek_at_iglou.invalid)
Date: 08/03/04

Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 07:15:11 -0400

Jill wrote:
> okay, because i've tried two places and I got diddly squat
> for help with this from them I'm coming here.
> When attempting to request playing one of the defualt
> games provided with msn (all of the 5 given games) nothing
> happens, on my screen or otherwise.
> When I accept a friends request to play a game, shortly
> after the blue screen comes up with useless buttons that
> don't work, I get an error message that reads as follows:
> "Internet explorer script error
> An error has occured on the script on this page

Try the jscript update suggested here:

Download problems

Heartbeat was updated just a few days ago.. If that caused your
problem, one of these might help:

Open Internet Options, click General tab, Settings, View Objects, and
look for Heartbeat. If there are two of them, remove the older one,
then right-click the new one, click Repair.

Also, I have a couple of tools at the bottom of my home page. You might
try them.

Also look at this sits:

Heartbeat movie

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