Re: error message for MSN messenger games (i have nowhere else to go!)

From: +Elmo_Tech (elmogeek_at_iglou.invalid)
Date: 08/02/04

Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2004 15:53:11 -0400

Jill wrote:
> okay, because i've tried two places and I got diddly squat
> for help with this from them I'm coming here.
> When attempting to request playing one of the defualt
> games provided with msn (all of the 5 given games) nothing
> happens, on my screen or otherwise.
> When I accept a friends request to play a game, shortly
> after the blue screen comes up with useless buttons that
> don't work, I get an error message that reads as follows:
> "Internet explorer script error
> An error has occured on the script on this page
> Line:228
> Char:2
> Error: FIlename or classname not found during Automation
> operation
> Code:0
> URL:"
> This occured roughly 15 hours ago on July 30, 2004. I am
> running MSN Messenger 6.2 with Windows 98 Second edition
> on a Personal Computer.
> Can anyone help or give me a DIRECT e-mail to the very
> person I should be asking? I DON'T need anymore idiot e-
> mails giving me answers for questions i didn't ask!

This might apply:

MSN Messenger 6.0 Beta
MSN Messenger 6.0 Final Release
Solitare Showdown
Minesweeper Flags

When you try to accept an invitation to play a game via MSN
Messenger, you may receive the following error:
    Messenger is unable to start <game> where game = Solitare Showdown,
Minesweeper Flags, Bejeweled, or Checkers.
When your opponent is unable to start the game, you may receive the
    <your buddy> is unable to start <game> where buddy = your opponent
and game = Solitare Showdown, Minesweeper Flags, Bejeweled, or Checkers.


MSN Messenger 6.0 option setting is preventing Passport from connecting
you to


On the main console window of MSN Messenger 6.0:

1) Click Tools
2) Select Options
3) Click the Privacy Tab
4) Uncheck the box for the setting:
Always ask me for my password when checking hotmail or opening other
.NET Passport-enabled Web pages
5) Click OK.
6) Exit MSN Messenger 6.0 by right clicking the icon in the system tray
and choosing Exit
7) Restart MSN Messenger 6.0 and sign in

More Information:
Zone: Network Ports Required to Play;EN-US;q159031

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