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Date: 08/02/04

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    Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 11:46:03 -0700

    >-----Original Message-----
    >carol del zotto wrote:
    >> HI......and H E L P
    >> about two days ago was offered a new patch to sign
    >> euchre..friends were also..have a friend that keeps
    >> trying to accept the patch but nothing seems to help
    >> no longer sign into the zone..keeps saying to close
    >> browser & try again...we deleted cookie & temp
    >> disabled firewall...and any popup stopper......still no
    >> luck.....this morning contacted his server
    >> microsoft no help....msn doesn't even want to talk
    >> not an msn account......all pointing to the
    >> zone......please do you have a solution or a number to
    >> contact? I do know the first time the patch was
    >> offered to him he said no to it....not knowing what it
    >> even when he says yes accept nothing
    >> happens....appreciate any help.........thanks
    >Heartbeat is probably damaged. Have him do this: Open
    >Properties, click General tab, Settings button, View
    Object button,
    >Right-click HeartbeatCtl Class, click Repair.
    >If there are two listed, look at the properties, and
    remove the older
    >MSNŽ Gaming ZoneT - Technical Support
    >Add clvck to the subject line and correct my address if
    you email me.
    >Well we did find that there were 2 hartbeat class and
    both were we removed them.......then he
    went to zone to download again.......but still cannot get
    past clciking card table...then gets message cannot open
    room please close browser & try again......I have went to
    all sites trying to find help....he is an AOL user would
    that make a difference?

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