Solution to logging onto single player Zone games

From: Cactusbrat (
Date: 02/29/04

Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 20:05:24 -0800

Hi everyone. I still cannot get into the single player
Zone games, after trying each and every solution that
everyone so kindly posted here. HOWEVER.. I now have to
agree with Jimmy, when he suggested I may have something
corrupted with Internet Explorer OR some update MS sent
for WIN XP is interfering. I just downloaded MSN
Explorer and guess what? ALL the Zone games work
perfectly! I even uninstalled Internet Explorer and re-
installed it, going through THREE HOURS of updates and
service packs and STILL getting NOWHERE with Zone single
player games. This is very perplexing to me. But, no
matter.. the bottom line is that I am able to play the
games now, but just have to log onto MSN Explorer instead
of IE6. I'm still open to suggestions, since it really
IS a pain having two different browsers. I like IE6
better than MSN.