Re: wont let me play online games..Help!

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Date: 02/27/04

Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 10:40:11 -0500

NOTE: bespelled is not friendly with any version of JAVA VM you will need to install the Microsoft version and uncheck use JAVA VM
and all options in the MS VM options group. Hexic is a flash based game.

As neither game runs and they are both using different plug-ins you should try repairing your installation of internet explorer:

For windows XP
Click start
select run
type in command
Click ok
on the DOS command line type in SFC /scannow
Insert the windows XP CD when requested.

For all other windows versions
Open control panel
open add/remove programs
Locate and select Microsoft internet explorer 6 and internet tools
click remove
on the next panel select repair
Clock ok

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"Cactusbrat" <> wrote in message news:149dc01c3f904$8262e310$a501280a@phx.gbl...
Elmo.. Already tried the shockwave site.  I completely un-
installed my version and installed a new version.
Nothing!   The only thing I HAVE noticed, is that along
with the blank, white screen, where the game should be, I
hear a quick "zap" sound, even when I have my speakers on
mute.  Does this sound like a conflict somewhere?  Also,
once in a GREAT while, I can get HEXIC to play, but none
of the other single player games.  If I get HEXIC going,
as soon as I click off and then try to get it back again,
it won't.  Very curious.....
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>Cactusbrat wrote:
>> Nope, guys.. none of these additional suggestions from
>> either of you worked.  I deleted the last few Windows
>> updates, un-installed shockwave and re-installed.  I
>> downloaded another JAVA, made sure none of my objects
>> were damaged.. nope.. nada, nothing, zip, zilch... :-(
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>> >Most of the single player games have been converted to
>> macromedia flash now.  Reinstall that software
>> &P5_Language=English
>> >
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>> >"CactusBrat" <>
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>> >Sophi, if you have any luck with this, I hope you'll
>> >the rest of us in!  I have done EVERYTHING... that's
>> >EVERYTHING that has been suggested here, including ALL
>> >the suggestions from Elmotech and absolutely NOTHING
>> >worked!  I've uninstalled and re-installed Java, I've
>> >disabled JIT, I've done a system restore to a point
>> >previous to the Microsoft Update that caused all this
>> >mess, I've changed my Internet browser options, etc,
>> >ad nauseum.  This is now insane in the true
definition of
>> >the word.  Insane: doing the same thing repeatedly,
>> >expecting different results.  I've about had it with
>> >Microsoft and ZONE.  A lot of the single player games
>> >be found at different game sites, so if I'm desperate
>> >enough, I go to one of those.  Like I said, if you
>> >something else that works, please pass it along!  Good
>> >luck!
>> >
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>> >>Sophi wrote:
>> >>>
>> >>> i see that i am not the only one to have trouble
>> >playing
>> >>> games online...i download games, and all i get is a
>> >blank
>> >>> screen with a small colored box sort of icon. If
>> anyone
>> >>> has recieved any info, please email me a line..
>> thanks.
>> >>
>> >>For single player games, try the help here:
>> >>
>> a
>> >va
>Could you have a virus?   If so, try one of these free
online virus
>This one has a choice of a Quick or a Complete check.
The quick check
>could miss the virus.
>then click the Security check link.
>   free online virus scan
>I had the same problem for awhile.  I didn't worry about
it because the
>games I wanted to play were available elsewhere and
worked with Netscape
>4.8.  But, when the Zone games went to the Shockwave
format, I tried
>again..  Still no luck, so I disabled Sun Java and
enabled the JIT
>compiler, and got better results.  Later I got the
latest version of
>Java VM, disabled JIT, updated the Shockwave applet and,
I believe all
>the games now work.
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