Re: wont let me play online games..Help!

From: +Elmo_Tech (elmogeek_at_iglou.invalid)
Date: 02/21/04

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    Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 10:34:48 -0500

    Cactusbrat wrote:
    > Nope, guys.. none of these additional suggestions from
    > either of you worked. I deleted the last few Windows
    > updates, un-installed shockwave and re-installed. I
    > downloaded another JAVA, made sure none of my objects
    > were damaged.. nope.. nada, nothing, zip, zilch... :-(
    > >-----Original Message-----
    > >Most of the single player games have been converted to
    > macromedia flash now. Reinstall that software
    > >
    > &P5_Language=English
    > >
    > >
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    > >+_Nobody_U_Know_
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    > >"CactusBrat" <> wrote
    > in message news:131dd01c3f732$3bd95470$a001280a@phx.gbl...
    > >Sophi, if you have any luck with this, I hope you'll clue
    > >the rest of us in! I have done EVERYTHING... that's
    > >EVERYTHING that has been suggested here, including ALL
    > >the suggestions from Elmotech and absolutely NOTHING has
    > >worked! I've uninstalled and re-installed Java, I've
    > >disabled JIT, I've done a system restore to a point
    > >previous to the Microsoft Update that caused all this
    > >mess, I've changed my Internet browser options, etc, etc,
    > >ad nauseum. This is now insane in the true definition of
    > >the word. Insane: doing the same thing repeatedly,
    > >expecting different results. I've about had it with
    > >Microsoft and ZONE. A lot of the single player games can
    > >be found at different game sites, so if I'm desperate
    > >enough, I go to one of those. Like I said, if you find
    > >something else that works, please pass it along! Good
    > >luck!
    > >
    > >>-----Original Message-----
    > >>Sophi wrote:
    > >>>
    > >>> i see that i am not the only one to have trouble
    > >playing
    > >>> games online...i download games, and all i get is a
    > >blank
    > >>> screen with a small colored box sort of icon. If
    > anyone
    > >>> has recieved any info, please email me a line..
    > thanks.
    > >>
    > >>For single player games, try the help here:
    > >>
    > >>
    > a
    > >va

    Could you have a virus? If so, try one of these free online virus

    This one has a choice of a Quick or a Complete check. The quick check
    could miss the virus.


    then click the Security check link. free online virus scan

    I had the same problem for awhile. I didn't worry about it because the
    games I wanted to play were available elsewhere and worked with Netscape
    4.8. But, when the Zone games went to the Shockwave format, I tried
    again.. Still no luck, so I disabled Sun Java and enabled the JIT
    compiler, and got better results. Later I got the latest version of
    Java VM, disabled JIT, updated the Shockwave applet and, I believe all
    the games now work.

    MSN® Gaming Zone™ - Technical Support

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