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Date: 02/20/04

Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 13:53:19 -0500

The patch on the nibbles site is for users who can open a room once and can not re-enter the room because an empty window flashes up
briefly and then disappears. If that is what is happening to you then save the file to desktop and then open it and it will work
for that user account. Changing user accounts will force you to use the file again.

to more permanently fix the problem above you would remove the network card from the system profile and also remove the network
setup for the internet connection. Restart the system and reinstall the network card and update with the latest version of the
drivers for it then reinstall the network connection.

The problem may return at a later time, there is currently no sure-fire fix for this problem, they aren't even sure what in the
network setup causes the error at this point. Keep the patch handy till it gets fixed.

If the problem isn't exactly as described above you should remove heartbeatctrl and any conflict folders found on the system first. Follow the instructions for windows 9x to remove the conflict
folders is using a fat32 drive and those listed if using an NTFS formatted drive.

If that doesn't work you likely have a problem with a personal firewall (Norton internet security for example) which is blocking
activex scripting or javascripts. Repost with the name of that program and we'll try to point you to some help for that.

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"jay" <> wrote in message news:104a001c3f426$854d0de0$a301280a@phx.gbl...
> have windows xp and when i attempted to open rooms the
> rooms flash and dont come up... tried a patch on nibbles
> bit site and didnt work  ..also removed and reinstalled
> zone software and that didnt work....  anyone with a
> solution please respond to