NET Passport + 2 Zone IDs

Date: 02/20/04

Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 17:11:40 -0800

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>What does MS do to Zone IDs in the following situation:
>Back in 2000 when I was playing AC, I had AC Account #1
tied to Net Passport
>email address #1 which was tied to Zone ID #1. I had AC
Account #2 tied to
>Net Passport email address #2 which was tied to Zone ID
>I then stopped playing AC and both subscriptions were
cancelled approx.
>When I stopped working at my company last April 2003, I
changed my Net
>Passport email address #1 over to Net Passport email
address #2.
>As I have read in the help section, you can only have
one Zone ID tied to
>one NET Passport email address. What happened, at that
instant, to Zone ID
>#2 that was originally tied to Net Passport email
address #2?? That Zone ID
>seems to have gone "missing" and is not "tied" to any of
my AC accounts, nor
>any of my AC coupon codes any longer.
>No one at MS Billing has been able to answer my
question, was hoping someone
>here could.
>Honestly I believe everything is ok,i moved to arizona 1
year ago and didnt touch my cpu,after 1 year i went
back,now and pretty much all you have to do is change
something in your address name like an underscore _ at
the begining or middle or end of your address,in my case
or close to it anyways my hot mail is dano0827@hotmail
if you try to change like this dano_0827@hotmail you can
get it back,even though i dont have a _@hotmail account
it works!!I presently have 2 address' set-up exactly like
that to have 4 names I use on the zone???I hope it helps
you,and best of luck.