Using FrontPage and Access - NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi. I'm creating a business advertising directory website for all 50
states using FrontPage and Access. I am really not understanding how
to mesh the two together. Some entries in the directory will just be
company name, address, phone number. Some will have a basic ad, some
will have premium ads that have graphics and link to another page with
descriptions, links to web sites, emails, etc.

I need to have search capability on the website using the Access
database by state, state & city, zip code, company name, or company
category. Different ways. When the results are shown there will be a
combination of entries like I stated upbove. I am really confused.

Am I going to need to know SQL or VB or something to be able to
accomplish this? Is this something that is too complicated for the
Access/FrontPage interaction? I would really appreciate some advice
and guidance if possible.

Thank you.

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