Re: saving form results

I put the file in the _private folder and the results were the same.
Ultimately, my life is too important to waste on figuring out some little
riddle MS has implemented to create the "illusion" of security in their
servers. Just look at the myriad of names such as IUSR_..., IWAM_..., ASPNET,
etc. account names not to mention NETWORK, INTERACTIVE, etc. Signs of a
development team reacting to whatever the crisis of the day might be...

"Kathleen Anderson [MVP - FrontPage]" wrote:

> I believe the forms results page should be in the _private folder.
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> > Hi,
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> > I am saving form results to a file say myfile.txt residing on the same dir
> > as the page. On my dev. machine (XP pro) all seem ok. As soon as I publish
> > the site and put it on the w2k server, the submit action requires me to
> > login
> > to the server. I have anonymous allowed on the site and have played with
> > any
> > security that comes to mind. It is frustrating. Any idea? Thx.