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Hi Folks, The truth is I am not sure that I am in the right forum but could not find anything closer..

I have several forms that have various combo boxes.... the combo boxes function perfectly in Chrome, and Fire Fox..

They do not function in IE..

Please take a look and give me advise..

Thanks in advance..


I can see the issue is apparently that you can't actually make a choice in the drop down box, is that correct, when using IE?

With IE (I tested with version 8.0) the drop down doesn't stay open when you take your finger off the mouse button; the list closes and won't allow you to make or keep the choice you select - you can mouse-over the choices (while holding the left mouse button down), but it won't allow you to select one.

The other browsers do this OK.

Most of the <Select> tags are like this:

<select name="Oil">
<option value="on">Si</option>

I'm not sure if the "blank" <select></select> is causing this in IE or not? Just a suggestion but maybe the yes/no questions should have Yes and No answers listed, rather than, just "Yes" and "blank" for "No" or non-response.

It is strange behaviour......but other than the above, I can't explain it or suggest a solution unfortunately. I don't have any other IE version running.


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