RE: SQL query to open OLEDB or ODBC to VFP?

From: Christopher D (
Date: 10/18/04

Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 02:57:02 -0700

Hi Tom,

you can also schedule a DTS package in SQL Server to import data from VFP at
a schedule you specify. I've done this several times.

You are better off using the VFPOLEDB-driver since it's more stable than the

Just use Import Data, and follow the wizard.

Christopher D

"Tom Edelbrok" wrote:

> Is it possible for a SQL query or Stored Procedure to open a database at an
> external location via OLEDB or ODBC? What I want is for SQL to grab some
> data from Microsoft's Visual Fox Pro 8.1 and store it into a SQL table. I
> want this to happen about every minute or so.
> Thanks for help in advance,
> Tom Edelbrok