Re: SQL query to open OLEDB or ODBC to VFP?

From: Tom Edelbrok (
Date: 10/15/04

Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 22:25:30 GMT

It doesn't matter to me by what mechanism it happens - I suppose it would
have to be a Stored Procedure running as a periodic job in SQL Server.
Perhaps the Stored Procedure would have to use a View. But what is important
is that I somehow be able to open a Visual Foxpro Database that is located
on another machine (via OLEDB or ODBC) and read data from it into a table
located within SQL Server.


"Anders Altberg" <> wrote in message
> Is that an SQLServer query or Stored Procedure?
> -Anders
> "Tom Edelbrok" <> wrote in message
> news:tpWbd.5543$cr4.2278@edtnps84...
>> Is it possible for a SQL query or Stored Procedure to open a database at
> an
>> external location via OLEDB or ODBC? What I want is for SQL to grab some
>> data from Microsoft's Visual Fox Pro 8.1 and store it into a SQL table. I
>> want this to happen about every minute or so.
>> Thanks for help in advance,
>> Tom Edelbrok