Re: fatal error query

From: Stefan Wuebbe (
Date: 10/08/04

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    Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 18:20:46 +0200

    Hi Vijak,

    Probably you did not provide enough details, i.e. VFP and O/S version,
    service pack level and the exact line of code causing the GPF.

    SQL Select and Insert themselves are commonly used and work just
    fine usually.
    GPFs, like C0000005, can be caused by unexpected things on a low
    level, like hardware / driver faults, or corrupted files like yourTables.dbf
    or *.cdx or also foxuser.*, the current resource files, for example.
    Aggressive AntiVirus tools can be suspicious too and unreliable
    network connections or a damaged operating system / registry.


    "Vijay Nayak" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
    > Hello friends,
    > During a process I get 'Fatal Error exception code c....'.
    > Why does this come and how to solve it ?
    > In my process I have used sql - select and sql - insert. Is it that this is
    > causing the error ?
    > Tips are requested. Thanks
    > Vijay Nayak.

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